Live Tutorial


The purpose of this tutorial is to allow you to easily stream your live content using Dailymotion Cloud.

Create a live

First, we need to create a live media. Let’s follow Add media:

Then, in the Create a Live Streaming panel, we set a title for our live:

By validating with the Create your live button, the live Server URL and the Streams are displayed:

We will need these informations in the next section of this tutorial. Notice that it is possible to have a total of three different streams for the same live media.

Stream the media

We have to send a stream to the server. Let’s start Flash Media Live Encoder.

We need to fill the following fields with the live informations we got earlier. We paste our live’s Server URL in the FMS Server field, and we paste our live’s Stream name in the Stream field:

You can customize the video and audio parameters, on the left panel of the window. The recommended video format is H.264 and the audio format is AAC.

We start the streaming:

Playing the media

By returning to our Dailymotion Cloud interface, we can check that our live is up and running:

In the Videos & Live section, you can get the embed URL under the live’s options.

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